Our Team


Kyle Callahan

Kyle’s design education is from the University of Colorado in Boulder, from which he was graduated in 1988. He was employed at several prestigious design firms prior to starting his own practice in Boulder in 2000.</p> <p>Kyle is a passionate advocate for the need to protect our environment, and he recognizes his obligation to do so as a designer of buildings. The construction and operation of buildings is the largest consumer of resources in our society, and thus represents the greatest opportunity to have a profound impact upon environmental quality than any other. The greatest challenge to being successful in this endeavor is the ability to successfully mesh those often competing facets of Architecture: design opportunities and budgetary constraints.


Brittany Wheeler

Brittany loves working with people and organizations who enjoy design in any form. With diverse experience in the field, including award-winning residential and international hospitality work, as well as mixed-use, commercial, and municipal projects, she thrives on collaboration across teams and disciplines in pursuit of quality holistic outcomes. Her exposure throughout her career to a wide range of programs, clientele, and locale has fostered an appreciation for varied perspectives and scales of work.</p> <p>As an Architect, she works with clients through all phases of design and construction. Brittany strives to integrate equity and sustainability into her work. She believes that each project is an opportunity to innovate, crafting client’s visions into spaces with a tangible sense of place; blending function, beauty, and site into a composed intentional work.


Matt Haxby

Matt is currently working on this site!


Emily Arnold

Does Emily really exist? We do not know...


Heather Lozano

Heather may be getting a little long in the tooth, but heat up a breakfast burrito and she is spry as a puppy!